Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tea Time

You forget how lovely time you spend make and drink a cup of tea when you busy.
I often drink a cup of herb tea. But I just put a tea bag and pour boiled water into the mug.
I didn't taste flavor just had a break myself away from work.
Yesterday I went to Steaveston.My share mate recommended to me the shop NIKAIDO which sell unique tea,lovely bath goods and paper.(Unfortunately they don't have online shop)
They have original tea brand "NIKAIDO". There are so many fun flavor!pop corn,sakura,chocolate,etc....
I got gingerbread orange which is caffeine free and gorgeous aroma.
This tea made my day.I realized again how important enjoy make tea and taste flavor.
Specially I work at home,this tea helps me to refresh and relax.
It's lovely sunny Sunday in Vancouver.I got a dead stock blouse in vintage shop.I haven't been long time vintage hunting.
The flowers start to blooming.spring has come :)

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