Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pray for Japan

I woke up on Friday mornig then I saw this terrible news.
I tried to called my family and friends who lives in Japan.
My home town is far away from a hypocenter.My frinds are fine.
But I can't believe that TSUNAMI destroyed all the city of north Japan.
I went to yoga today.When I closed my eyes just flashback the tsunami picture....

Specially when you live in far away from home country,you can see only news its so feel irritated!
The people are still waiting rescue in cold weather.

Please pray for Japan!


  1. hi Naomi Chan

    I am feeling exactly the same.
    I am praying for Japan and this is the only thing I can do so far. pretty frustrating.
    Juri is coming to Melbourne tomorrow, for my wedding ceremony! it is bad timing and I am not feeling like celebration at all..
    We will give Mokutou (one minutes silence) at ceremony.

  2. えみちゃん



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