Thursday, July 22, 2010

Package collection

These are maybe looks like rubbish.
But these are part of my package collection.
I couldn't threw away!
Specially I kept the package when I went to travel.
Sometime I get inspiration from these collection.
Also easy to remember the travel memory.Sometime better than the picture.
I haven't open the collection long time.
But when I open the bag of collection,just flash back all my travel memory!
I felt like I found a treasure.


  1. yes, i remember our mum could never throw away wrapping paper and it was fun going through remembering different gifts and of course the eras of the paper itself, i guess some of it would be vintage now!

  2. don't worry I kept some of my packaging when I went to Paris and Italy last year. Beautiful memories!

  3. Oh, I keep all the nice packages too. I can't get rid of carboard bags, clothing tags even the wrapping paper sometimes!

    Nice blog!

    Cheers from Argentina!



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