Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I found beautiful antique lace on yahoo auction.
I couldn't get it,but I might make similar one by myself.
I have a lot of piece of laces.It's not antique lace,but It will be special one of a kind!

There are a lot of clothing called “BORO” which had been used from generations to generations in a household; some of them were even made back in the Edo Period. “BORO” is now becoming an international phrase, originated from Japanese snowy north area, meaning of the patched clothes that people back then used for many generations in a household by adding stitches and/or pieces of cloth on it over and over. The word “BORO” has now an artistic sense to it, highly rated among the field of the textile art design, and requested for purchase by various artists and collectors.

One day I'd like to make this kind of patchwork for my child.

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  1. Beautiful lace! I want to do a quilt one day as well, such a big project I keep putting it off!


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